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Brokering Over 2,500 Lists

The company brokers over 2,500 lists containing hundreds of millions of contact names in the Asia Pacific region and globally.

Over 15 years Of Experience

The company has over 15 years of experience reviewing response from a wide range of business and consumer DM campaigns, and evaluating comparative list performance by offer and by country within the Asia-pacific region and multinationally. MLG is able to share with you its knowledge of lists which are currently working.

Access To Largest DM Markets

MLG also provides mailer access to domestic lists within India, Japan and China – three of the largest DM markets in Asia. Today, MLG is the leading database and direct mail company in India offering Direct mail, telemarketing lists and email marketing lists in India.

Services You Receive From MLG:

List usage history & performance

Variations in country performance & response

Access to major new markets such as India and China

Volume discounts negotiated

Independent evaluation of response rates by lists & by country within list

Advice on avoiding conflicting mail dates with major mailers in the market mailing the same or similar lists

Knowledge of large, responsive consumer lists in the larger markets which can be mailed at low cost from asia

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