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Data management is the cornerstone of effective direct marketing. Without it, you really can’t communicate one-on-one with your customers and prospects.

The shape and condition of databases available for Direct Marketing activity in India is of very poor quality in terms of data structure. We are endeavoring to work with leading companies to help them realize the potential of their database providing them with our expertise in Quality Data Management leading to Quality Results.


As an integral part of our broader services, we provide our clients with complete data management solutions including:
Latest Technology

MLG answers your data entry and data capture needs using the latest technology available. We offer efficiency, accuracy and turnaround time.

Online Data Entry

Data entry may be arranged for form processing, questionnaires, directories, handwritten/printed material, image data entry, from hard copy to soft copy, amongst others sources. Online data entry is also offered wherein we provide data capture service to search online public and paid resources, retrieve data and enter relevant data into a database, amongst other avenues. If required data may be double entered + compared + audited, thus giving clients a high level of accuracy.

Overseas Clients

You can save 40%-50% of the total cost on projects handled by us. At MLG we take on projects and act on client’s data entry outsourcing requirements by handling jobs in a professional manner at affordable rates.

Varied Industries

MLG processes forms across industries right from healthcare, banking, market research, insurance, finance, legal, online etc. We can assist companies to create databases and digitize large volumes of physical and image-based forms.

Computer Generated Formats

Any physical documents which are either hand written or pre-printed can be transformed into computer generated format. Storage of data becomes easy and most importantly the data can be capitalized by the company for its in-house data analysis. Retrieval of data is immediate. Forms may be used for loans, education, enrollment, insurance, automobile industry, credit card application, subscription, market research amongst others.

Overseas Clients

At MLG we take on projects and act on the client’s outsourcing requirements by handling jobs in a professional manner at affordable rates.

Files received in different formats are imported into a single format. Conversion of data files received in any format other than excel is carried out across all mediums and formats to an electronic usable format or even in excel format. This holds true especially for clients using a software application to house their own data.

Data Conversions

Data conversion from single field into fixed field format. Data present in a single field may be split in different fields such as Title, First name, Last name, Add1, Add2, Add3, City, State, Pin code, Country.

Proper Maintenance

Database at client’s end is not given too much thought and therefore may not be properly maintained. We at MLG realize the potential of each name sitting on a list and hence offer this service to help a client structure their database to allow for further analysis of their data and mining requirements. For data hygiene to be maintained it is important for data to be properly formatted and structured in an up-to-date format. This allows for ongoing datacleaning, de-duplication, scrubbing, followed by appending and validation. Migration and conversion services are offered.

Overseas Clients

At MLG we take on projects and act on client’s data structuring requirements by working on data conversion to an updated platform and handling jobs in a professional manner at affordable rates.

Revenue Optimization

MLG helps companies to uncover patterns hidden in their database allowing for revenue optimization. Files across different formats are merged together in one common format and fields realigned. This helps not only in identifying the double entries made but also makes it possible for the client to learn the unique count vis-à-vis how many multiple counts per company are available. In case of residence address once the data is realigned the client can also learn about the city count available. In the event the need arises to acquire third party data and merge or compare with the in-house file for profiling and data enhancement purposes, this is only possible once the fields are realigned and matched. Consistency needs to be maintained for ongoing work to be carried out.

Overseas Clients

At MLG we receive files from several sources and realign and merge the same in order to carry out further ongoing activity related to profiling, de-duplication etc.

Data Hygiene

Lists/Databases are sourced from several sources all of which come in different structures and fields. These are converted to a single database structure to enable them to be put through a data hygiene process.

Data Standardization

MLG does all the data work for clients to allow for revenue maximization. Data standardization is key for both in-house and for ongoing marketing activities. Upper/lower case consistency needs to be maintained. Unless data is not standardized inconsistencies in data such as missing fields, abrupt data etc. go un-noticed. In addition, duplicates do not get picked up at time of merge purge/de-duplication.

Overseas Clients

MLG can take your country specific database and standardize its structure to allow for further enhancement services thereafter. In relation to India specific file, since we are familiar with the address format we are aware of the extra care that such addresses require. Hence we are able to identify incomplete, wrong and junk addresses that are part of or hidden within any data file.

Hygiene Process

Files containing invalid data including junk data, spaces or invalid characters are passed through the hygiene process.

Well Maintained Databases

We at MLG strongly believe that databases are an invaluable asset. Therefore, unless they are well maintained they are going to cost companies major losses in revenues sooner than later. Any database, unless it goes through a filtration process cannot be optimized. MLG takes away your headache by giving attention to each record in the database and giving it the attention it needs thus preparing it for further ongoing work. Companies lose large amounts of revenue in postage on account of poorly maintained data having addresses that are not deliverable. Goodwill is lost when customers receive poorly addressed correspondence. Some of the benefits include upper/lower case consistency, verification of salutation where possible, simplifying merging of files amongst others.

Overseas Clients

MLG can take your country specific database and clean the file and put in structure to allow for further enhancement services thereafter. This also aides in improving response to any offer.

When Address Correction?

This is carried out where possible in the event city is missing in the record, pin codes are wrong etc.

Multiple Resources

Outdated data has no value. MLG offers the service of assisting by keeping the client’s data standardized and updated. Address correction is carried out by availing of multiple resources to fill in the blanks and update/verify data in a timely and accurate manner. Inaccurate and/or incomplete data proves costly to a client’s marketing budget. With address correction data quality is enhanced thereby enhancing a company’s image in the eyes of its customers. Incorrect data or an incomplete address reflects poorly on no other but the company itself.

Overseas Clients

MLG can take your country specific file and update the same by matching it against third party sources in the media space. Once corrected the database is ready for ongoing enhancement.

Updated Information

We help add/append data to your existing in-house file by adding updated information from other resources. Example: address, telephone number, website, revenue, etc.

Data Maintenance & Hygiene

MLG offers clients the service of helping build their in-house file by data appending to ensure data maintenance and hygiene is paramount. To know as much information as possible about customers is key in today’s business environment. MLG offers the service of data appending through multiple resources be it in the public domain or paid resource as defined by its clients, to help companies stay at the forefront of their respective industries.Verification, updation, data cleaning and validation exercises are also carried out depending on the requirement. Address completion, appending city/country, ISD, STD code, pin code, website address etc. are also covered. Data may be entered and appended directly into the client’s own database management system if required. A well-structured address reflecting accurate information enhances the image of the company in the eyes of its customers. It also enables accurate analysis allowing for effective decision making.

Overseas Clients

At MLG we take on projects and act on client’s data appending needs by weighing multiple resources at affordable rates.

Vast Resources

The online media offers a vast pool of resources that can be easily accessed and used to compile/research information related to specific corporates, industries and segments. Web search assists companies in their ongoing research to add prospects and also carry out in-house data building/validation.

Building Databases

The internet today is one of the primary sources of information and offers concise and relevant information at the click of a button. MLG offers the service of carrying out websearch on its client’s behalf after carefully assessing the opportunities available and helping research and build databases related to a specific target audience and industry. Both public and paid resources may be researched to extract relevant information. Data researched and gathered may then be used by companies for further marketing opportunities. Data researched may even be used to append to the existing in-house file and thereafter validated to update the information, to make it relevant for each business. Address details, branch offices, company website, industry, sub-industry, SIC code, year founded and other information from specific sites as requested by the client may be captured.

Overseas Clients

At MLG we take on projects and act on a client’s web research requirements by handling jobs in a professional manner at affordable rates.

Suppressing Records

Data being procured for marketing purposes may contain contacts who are already customers/existing in the in-house base. We suppress the records so as to ensure that the prospecting campaign to acquire new customers is not sent to existing customers. This adds credibility to the organization and unique records are thus filtered out.

Overseas Clients

Data from previous campaigns may also be suppressed so as to ensure same names are not mailed out to. Files can be run and mapped against the national change of address, black list, opt in and/or opt out lists amongst others.

TRAI Regulations Followed

Telecalling data received is scrubbed as per TRAI regulations and mapped against the National Do Not Call Registry.

Overseas Clients

MLG can take your India specific file and scrub the data as per TRAI regulations on a weekly/monthly basis. This is now mandatory for those who wish to carry out telecalling campaigns to an Indian database. This also proves beneficial in the long run.

Inter & Intra File

Process involves removal of duplicates both intra-file (within the respective file) or inter-file (across files) based on client needs and specifications.

Removing Duplicates

MLG offers the service of removing duplicates found within specific files. Care is taken to ensure that all intra-file duplicates, incomplete records, edit rejects get flagged and clients do not pay for such records found within a specific file, thus saving the client’s money. Inter-file merge/purge is carried out to flush out duplicates and maintain data hygiene within each record by ensuring maximum information is contained in the record being retained and dropping the record that is a duplicate. Queries are run using rules, formulae, tables etc. to ensure all aspects are covered. This also allows for profiling and most importantly savings in postage when carrying out direct mail/email/sms campaigns.

Overseas Clients

MLG acts as a data bureau working with clients closely on their in-house database and direct marketing campaigns. Data from across India is received and inter and intra file duplication is carried out.


MLG makes the process of direct marketing easy by taking the database in question and providing mail merge services thus allowing for detailed/multiple personalization on letters/direct mailpacks and brochures.

Overseas Clients

MLG provides high quality personalization on letters/material that is printed either at our end or sent to us by clients. Once personalization is done lettershopping and mailing is executed depending on the client mail pack.


MLG offers the service of taking hold of the database, maintaining hygiene, carrying out printing and mailings, monitoring undeliverables, handling responses, caging, batching, data entry, sending out thank you letters, welcome packs etc. One-stop-shop solutions are offered by us. This allows companies to concentrate on their core business and allows us DM experts to handle the rest.

Overseas Clients

MLG receives databases, works on data extraction as per selections, cleansing and de-duplication. Thereafter, we arrange printing and re-mailing/postage/courier services. Databases may be maintained by keeping track of nixies/undeliverables, adding new records and updating existing records.

Regular Maintenance

MLG can maintain a client’s in-house database on a daily/monthly/quarterly/yearly basis. This involves maintaining and updating your in-house database on a regular basis, thereby maintaining list hygiene.

Timely Delivery

Timely delivery of data is ensured. Data can be shipped through uploading on FTP server, by encryption/password protection through Email or CD.

Data Additions

Additions are possible to customer details, updating customer information, addresses, contact details etc., removing gone aways, undeliverables/nixies, flagging, amongst other functions.

Data Extraction

Data extraction based on requirements such as nth name, city, gender, job title, industry, pin code etc. can also be arranged. De-duplication is carried out. An omission of past orders (0-6, 7-12 months etc.) is provided.

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