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Whether you’re a cross-border multinational mailer, an Asia-based regional mailer or a U.S. mailer injecting back into the U.S. domestic market, MLG can help you cut your print, laser personalization and letter shopping costs.
DM Print and Production in Asia

The company has long established, major partner, print and production suppliers based in Hong Kong, China and India. Full data security arrangements are in place. You’re invited to send detailed specifications and a sample DM package to receive a full quotation.

Reduce Your Postal Distribution Costs to Regional and International Markets

MLG can negotiate postal rates on volume mailings on your behalf. Mailings into larger domestic and international markets are placed with leading postal consolidators or with postal administrations. Direct injection services are available to major DM markets.

Within India Too

Within India too, we offer Print/Production Support. Direct mail printing in India is cheaper. We can also print your brochures and direct mail materials at competitive printing rates based upon our long standing relationships with a host of printers across the country. Timely deliveries are ensured as we have a full-fledged studio/production department. We take away your headaches and through stringent supervision ensure the printing process is smooth and checks are in place to ensure all elements are printed correctly as per the requirements.

Mail Forwarding

Mail forwarding from India to other parts of the world can be managed at competitive rates. Local mail (within India) is dispatched through India Post or courier/personal delivery to major cities. We manage mail despatch using the most cost effective methods without compromising deliverability.

Lettershopping Support

In addition, we provide lettershopping support as below. Listowners worldwide are willing to forward their data to us for mailing purposes.

Receive Data On Disk Or By FTP/Email

Compile Database From Hard Copy

Change Data Structure & Realign Fields

Merge Files & Remove Duplicates

Set Up Merge Letter

Scan & Insert Signature

Laser Printing Of Merged Letter

Laser print envelopes & address label

Data Entry

Merge Information & Other Personal Details

Insert All Elements In The Correct Order (Simple/Complex)

Mail Handling


Franking & Posting

Indian Lists
International Lists
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