Email Verification and Validation

/Email Verification and Validation

Don’t allow your sender reputation to be at stake!

Wrong, incorrect and invalid emails earn you nothing but low sender reputation and finally get you blocked!

Do you know, even 1% of bad data in your list can reduce overall deliverability by over 15%? 

Verify and Validate email lists/contact records to connect and engage only with a relevant audience. By doing this you not only enhance Deliverability, but also lower Hard Bounce, and control Unsubscriptions.

Connect with your clients/customers and prospects in real time and take control of your email campaigns by achieving metrics and goals that drive results

How your business benefits

  • Improves response of your marketing and sales campaigns
  • Enhances engagement with prospects and clients by reaching their inbox, instead of its junk folder
  • Amplify your business growth curve and achieves higher ROI
  • Protects your sender reputation by being in the good books of ESPs. Avoid bounces!

MLG, with access to more than 300 email verification and validation experts, verifies the most complex of databases in real time to verify the syntax, domain, mail server, and account for every email address in your database.

Since inception, we have been at the forefront of high-end data management services, list solutions, and customer data insights. We provide data-centric solutions to a wide range of business-to-business problems faced by companies.

To know more about how MLG can foster your email marketing initiatives, you would do well to talk to our experts today. You could well witness growth with every campaign you deliver!

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