5 Remarkable Benefits of Database Marketing : Direct & Effective

Over the last decade, the world of marketing has undergone a paradigm shift, of sorts, thanks to the emergence of the internet. The world has gone digital so quickly that every single industry had to adapt and that includes Marketing. And thus, Digital marketing was born, leading to the emergence of several different kinds of online marketing methods in the process. One of these methods includes Database Marketing. In a nutshell, Database marketing basically involves direct marketing strategies and marketing communications

Quality B2B prospects for your multichannel campaigns

Successful direct marketing relies on good quality databases and mailing lists. The various forms of direct marketing like postal mail, email marketing, and telemarketing, will make an impact only if the message reaches the right target audience. It is the quality of data that ensures your brand has an edge over its competitors. It’s the firepower that makes customer dialog possible. Without high-quality data, you cannot create fruitful marketing campaigns that help to generate leads. Leads should be people who

Why Data Quality is Supreme, and what You can Do about It

Even the best email or telemarketing pitch can fail due to unverified contacts and cold leads on the list. As database applications are becoming increasingly intelligent to serve accurate data to users at the right time and place, organizations need to know where they stand. Databases are expensive. Each contact can cost as high as hundreds of dollars and companies need thousands of them. As a result, database procurement is highly focused on the quality of leads and prospects. Data decays due

2017 maybe the year of direct mail for at least 5 reasons

Marketing managers still need to post material even though digital technology has overtaken the print media. The return on investment largely depends on the traditional method of Direct Mail. But what has changed in this regard is the professional access to the right mailing list to make the ROI more convincing. There are at least 5 reasons that will bring home this point. Current statistics say it all Infotrends made a study on reliability and positive impact of direct mail

A Success Story of Direct Mail from the US Non-Profit Industry. Will it Work in India?

In the world of marketing, soliciting begins with getting noticed. As a non-profit organization, your task of finding donors is crucial. While digital is accepted widely for spreading awareness and drawing attention, the direct-mail box outside the door hasn’t seen envelopes for a while. If you really want to catch somebody’s attention, the old road might work better! Gone are the days when brochures brimmed the letter box, much to the irritation of residents. Now is the opportunity to

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