If you had to have one key B2B marketing tool, what would it be?

Recently, someone started a discussion on LinkedIn about B2B marketing tools. Here are a few interesting threads of that discussion and what is possible… “Linkedin and Twitter are the two platforms I am currently using,” declared one commentator, who rated the former as the best tool for business-to-business networking. He saw so much value in LinkedIn that he confessed he felt compelled to add direct links to LinkedIn profiles in the database records they sold to their clients.

Content marketing and playing it forward

The days of proprietary content are clearly over.  Today, you gain fans and following by ‘playing’ it forward, pun intended.         In the Twitter-Tumblr world, everyone is a journalist, a photographer, a curator, a commentator, an opinion-maker, an expert, an authority or an editor. However working without a content strategy is like fishing in muddy waters – you are posting on various forums but you don’t know the real impact of your content sharing. A recent IBM white paper

Big is getting bigger!

Big data analytics helps design better products and promotions Chew on these statistics: By 2020, marketers would have access to 5,127 gigabyte of data on every consumer, according to the International Data Corp ( This would give them the opportunity to record their consumers’ buying behavior and, accordingly customize their offerings. Personalized products and promotions will then be the order of the day. However with so much complex data to process, marketers also face the uphill task of making sense of this

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