When Web is the Marketing Vehicle, Databases are the Fuel for Sure

Databases of Indian Marketing, Finance, HR and IT Heads: Here is what you should look for  The internet has become a preferred marketing tool. If you have the right expertise, you can have a speedy ride to success. It may come overnight, or it may take years, depending on your approach and the opportunities you discover in internet marketing. Let’s consider a database for email marketing. If you are trying to get something out of the digital market, the absence of an

IoT, IoE, Inspirations and a Changing World

As big data emerged announcing drastic changes, everyone looked at the horizon to see if there is something that will connect ‘everything’ for seamless data flow. Before long, arrived Internet of Things (IoT), and now Internet of Everything (IoE). With a billion homes projected to be Wi-Fi enabled by 2020, IoE is gaining solid ground across the globe. Although the current IT infrastructure will have to undergo major modifications soon, some examples of early adoption do exist. Earlier

How is your Brand Marketing to the Medical Community?

The medical profession is not just about hospitals and labs. Doctors have families and they are usually in need of all the services and goods families need. A database of Indian doctors is going to prove handy, whether you get to connect with general practitioners or specialist surgeons. Brand proliferation and immense competition have led companies to prioritize data-driven marketing. The digital age is all about treating data as the prime force behind business strategies. That is why big data is

Verified B2B Databases of Indian Companies

Verified B2B Databases of Indian SMEs and Corporates: The Key ­­to Successful Marketing Campaigns A recent news report by elaborates why communications technology is the main focus for companies shifting from on-premise to cloud. The companies will need to build capabilities to “lower overall cost and increase mobility with less risk”. That is what will help keep enterprise databases relevant in the long run. Business firms are often in need of database support solutions to carry out their marketing

Marketing Automation: Getting Results with Better Personalization

The blindness that shrouded marketing operations has disappeared in most agencies over the last decade and a half. Some of the earliest marketing automation (MA) adopters were able to show breakthrough results, especially with social media and email marketing. They may not have been able to sustain such results for years at a stretch, but improved marketing across the board began justifying additional marketing investments, mainly in IT. Ironically, cost-effective marketing is possible only with automation tools and

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