Monthly Archives: April 2016


Marketing Automation: Getting Results with Better Personalization

The blindness that shrouded marketing operations has disappeared in most agencies over the last decade and a half. Some of the earliest marketing automation (MA) adopters were able to show breakthrough results, especially with social media and email marketing. They may not have been able to sustain such results for years at a stretch, but improved marketing across the board began justifying additional marketing investments, mainly in IT. Ironically, cost-effective marketing is possible only with automation tools and

A Digital Spin on “Know Your Customer”: Data-Driven Marketing

We live in interesting times. Marketing, which was considered black magic with advertisers playing grand wizards, is fast becoming a field for technology specialists. Information about individuals is the key nowadays. Integration of data, processes, channels and marketers is already a reality. As their focus is on delivering the right message to the right person at the right time, it requires formats to be tailored to the audience’s physical and virtual locations. Data is more than just customer name, age and

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