What is the single-most important constituent of a direct mail campaign?

Is it the ‘offer’? Is it the design? Is it the simplicity of the communication? Or is it something more?

While all these contribute to the overall appeal of the Direct Mail campaign – the single-most factor that drives its success is finding the right ‘List’ to which the mailing should go.

This is where a List Broker comes in to offer you totally impartial advice that costs you nothing, but can save you a lot of money. Since Brokers handle a variety of clients and a variety of Lists, they get to know which Lists work or do not work for particular ‘offers’. Thus, you can benefit from their ‘inside’ knowledge and their past experience – much to your advantage.

List Brokers are especially mindful when referring a list to a client venturing into the arena of Direct Mail for the first time. In Broker jargon, such clients are ‘acorns’ who have the potential to grow into mighty ‘oak trees’. Everyone begins small, at some time or the other. But with the assistance of an experienced Broker who has strategic advice to offer – one can aspire to be a big player in the market with the use of Direct Mailing, which is one of the most efficient marketing tools today.

Some of the frequently ordered Lists are:

  1. Online Buyers in India
  2. Database of IT & HR Professionals in India
  3. Database of Indian Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) / Database of Indian SMEs
  4. Database of marketing heads in India
  5. All India Companies database

Also available are :

  1. SMS Databases in India
  2. Email database in India

(From MLI, Social Marketing Division. As an integral part of our broader services, we provide clients with complete data management solutions including: Data Cleaning, Mailing Campaign Management, De-duplication and In house Database Management)

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